About me

I am an final year undergraduate student at the Computer Science Department at BITS Pilani, Goa Campus, interested in Artificial Intelligence, specifically in the areas of meta learning, reinforcement learning, neurosymbolic AI and robotics.

Currently I am working remotely with Dr Florian Shkurti at the University of Toronto on integrating learning based approaches into task and motion planning for robotics. At BITS, I am affiliated with APPCAIR, having worked on Bayesian Neural Program Synthesis and its application to visual reasoning under the supervision of Prof. Ashwin Srinivasan. I also spent a summer with TCS Research supervised by Dr Gautam Shroff, exploring neural algorithmic approaches to analogical reasoning.

I am also the President of the Society for Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning and was previously the Student Coordinator for the Electronics and Robotics Club and have been involved in various student projects and courses related to Robotics and AI.

Details about my my research, projects and experience can be found in my CV.

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